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If you are looking for high quality clicks that convert to Leads and Sales then you have come to the right place!

Why should you purchase my clicks?

It's simple really....I use methods that aren't saturated.  You will get visitors to your offers who haven't been bombarded by spam emails.  They are ready and eager to see quality offers.

I guarantee minimum 80% Tier One Traffic

I guarantee at least 10% OD and usually a bit higher than that

My Traffic is IM/Affiliate Marketing/MMO Based

Traffic is from my Opt-In List...No garbage or "bot" traffic here

Here are a couple of recent testimonials. . .
Kresimir Klukovic
Seller:: Michelle Ruben
Type: Mixed Clicks
Ordered: 100
Clicks Received: 105
Optin Rate: 61%
Tier 1: 80%
Comments: Great first run from Michelle and extremely high optin rate. Great traffic, recommended! :)

AJ Simon
Seller: Michelle Ruben
Type: Mixed Clicks
Clicks Ordered: 100
Received: 110 (Y)
Optin: 73%
Sales: Yes!
Tier 1: 85%
Michelle is a wonderful person to work with. Very professional and knows how to deliver quality. :)

I currently offer 300, 200 and 100 click solo/email ad packages.

My current rate is 0.60c per click:

300 clicks - $180

200 clicks - $120

100 clicks - $60

If you'd like to place an order let me know which package you would like by clicking here and connecting with me on Facebook....Once you have reached my page message me with your link.

Don't forget to connect with me on Facebook so that we can communicate and get your order started as soon as possible!

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